Communications Committee Presentation

cencommunications2389Our new Director of Communications, Jan Jones, made her presentation to the Club of the Committee members and the roles of the Communications Avenue of Service. She is responsible for both Internal Club Communications and External Communications. Her Committee members are: Andrew Kirwin, responsible for the Websites and Centerview editor; Chris Montan, responsible for Social Media; and Liz Martin, responsible for Media Relations. There is a vacancy for the Centerview Coordinator.

Each Committee member spoke about their tasks. Andy Kirwin led us through an overview of the newly designed Club Website on the screen. In particular the is searching for stories of members to share on the website. Chris Montan explained that Social Media is about more than the Club’s Facebook page. Members are asked to “like us” on Facebook. She will be asking the Rotaractors for assistance in other social media outreach. Liz Martin asked members to submit photos in the largest jpeg format possible. She will submit them to news media, print and electronic.