Deep Roots

Fellow Rotarians,

The President Elect Training Seminar was held last month over three action packed days at the LAX Marriot. The meeting theme was Inform Inspire Empower.  Present Elects and other Rotarians were engaged in a variety of through providing and inspiring sessions.

A highlight was the keynote speaker of incoming Rotary International President Ian Riseley. In his singular witty way, he expressed his theme and goals for the upcoming Rotary year…Rotary: Making a Difference.  In his view, Rotary is defined by not who we are, but by what we do and how we create meaningful and lasting service.  In 2017-18, our President pledges to answer the question, “What is Rotary?”.  He laid out achievable goals in the areas of Club Support and Strengthening, Humanitarian Service and Rotary’s Public Image.

A main focus going forward will the enhancement of our public image so that our community knows what we are and what we do by telling them our story. Your Board of Directors will be working on the elaboration of this project. In so doing, our club will continue to answer our own question of “Why Rotary?”

How many of you know about the Rotarkid program? This relatively new program can allow the development of clubs for kids as young as 7, so that they can benefit from the leadership learning opportunities of Rotary. This is a potential avenue to incubate young Rotarians beyond the Interact and Rotaract Clubs that currently exist.

One presidential expectation for the year of 2017-18 will be to plant a tree for every Rotary Club member. Rest assured that this club will endeavor to reach the goals set our before us.  To do so will require the involvement of every club member for as many projects as possible.  We can and will meet the objectives of President Ian.

A big step towards fulfilling these commitments is having a LARGE contingent of members attending the District Training Assembly this coming Saturday in San Diego.  I request that every current and incoming club leader and every cog club member register on the district website and know that the club will pay the fee on site while you give your time and enhance your Rotary talent!

Here’s to another great Rotary year for the Rotary Club of Escondido!

President Elect Rick