From the Executive Secretary

Our Club Leadership, the elected Officers and Board of Directors, have a lot of responsibility and a strong vision for where our Club needs to go.  Their Centerview articles help articulate that vision.  This article will not be that visionary, but hopefully will serve to make life a little easier for the members as you negotiate the Club date base web site, DACdb, and manage your club member data and attendance information. The Executive Secretary enters weekly club meeting attendance.  But, individual members are responsible for entering and managing their own meeting make-ups. 

Start with the log in:  The main web address is:

When I click on that link, my web browser launches and I am taken to the log in page for DACdb.  Unless a member has changed his/her user name and password, DACdb automatically assigns your Rotary email address as your user name and your seven digit Rotary International member number as your password.  The member number can be found on the mailing label of your R.I. magazine.  (Ignore the first and last character in the number line, just use the seven digit number). 

Upon successful login in, you will first see a DACdb information page.  The current one advertises the advent of a training conference for DACdb users, and gives some general information about using the system.  It could be interesting for you, or you could skip the page and go to other sections of the program.

Look for tabs for different sections at the top of the DACdb window.  Some are highlighted in light blue.  Click on the one that says, “My CLUB”.  You will then see pictures of the current Board of Directors, below which is a member roster.  The member roster includes email address and phone numbers, similar to what you would see if you were looking in one of the printed roster booklets.

Your name will be in blue, indicating that it is an active link.  Click on your name and you will see a new page that includes the current head shot that we have for you.  Directly below your picture, you will see a button labeled, “Enter Makeup”.  Click there and you will be directed to where you enter the make up meeting information.  This information will include the make up date,(ignore the meal code prompt), the number of make-ups (remember the 4 way test!), and a place to enter the make up venue or special note.  When finished, simply enter and your make up request will enter the system.  The Executive Secretary gets a notice about the make-up, and will apply it to meetings you have missed within two weeks before or after the actual make up date.

Simple?  Pretty much.  

Ron Smith, Executive Secretary