Program: District Governor Scott Carr

Scott Carr is Past President of Rotary of San Diego Downtown Breakfast, and served as Chief of Staff for District 5340 Governor Louise Andres in 2014-15. He was also chief architect and punching bag for the District website at Scott regularly trains Rotarians on web marketing and social media. A former registered principal in the securities industry, Scott was the founder of one of the first websites ever to focus on estate and retirement planning. He used this experience in online marketing to launch a marketing agency called Javelin Web and Media.

Scott is a proud dad to three kids, a son age 5 and twin three year-old girls. Scott met his wife Heather as President of the San Diego Downtown Rotaract Club. He is the recipient of the 2010 Community Service Award from the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program (SDVLP), and received the 40 Under 40 award in 2012 from San Diego Metro. In addition to The Rotary Foundation, Scott and his wife work together to support several worthwhile charities, including Serving Seniors, Sepsis Alliance, the KPBS Radio Reading Service, and the U.S. Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. 

Scott began by saying he would not give us the usual “Rotary Moment” speech so often given by District Governors.  He explained that the Escondido Rotary Club is just one of 64 clubs in the District 5340, and that it extends from the Pacific Ocean to almost the Arizona border, and from the Mexican border to Camp Pendleton.  It is a diverse and extensive geographical area. 

He pointed out that it is the 30th anniversary of admitting women to Rotary Clubs, and asked Marilyn Mukomela, our first woman member, to stand and be recognized.  We need to embrace women into our club.  District-wide, women make up 33% of the membership, although they are over 50% of the general population. 

He also urged us to support and do more for our military clubs, at Miramar and Camp Pendleton.  Our District is the only US District to have to clubs on active military bases.  We should be embracing diversity of all kinds: minorities and LGBT communities. 

He pointed out that Human Trafficking is one the rise, overtaking the drug trade in profitability.  Children are the victims.  The District is launching a new Youth Certification program to address concerns and this is a major focus of his time as Governor.

Marketing is another main focus.  The absolute best promotion of Rotary is “word of mouth”.  We need to explain to people, what Rotary is, and why we do it.  Also, for no cost we can communicate with thousands of people through digital marketing.  We need to change the way we market, to keep progressing.  There needs to be a shift to starting with the “WHY” and only then shift to the HOW and the WHAT. People buy into WHY you do it, not what you do.  So, don’t answer “What is Rotary” but “Why I am a member of Rotary”. 

For Scott personally, his Rotary moment came when he was in Rotaract.  Working with foster youth agency, his Rotaract decided to invite foster youth to a picnic in Balboa Park.  When an 8 year old gave Scott a great smile, he knew what he was doing was for the “greater good”. 

So, find your “WHY” and shout it out from the tallest mountain.  We are an engine for good.  We never know what good we are doing through Rotary. 

Escondido Shines :  Talent Show:  Vaughn North announced the Talent Show would be held at Kit Carson Amphitheater this coming Monday, August 14th, with pre-show music starting at 6.30 p.m..  Rotarians will be acting as ushers and helpers.  It will be a true Variety Show, and is FREE.

2018 Rotary International Convention.  Alex Robertson, President of the La Jolla-Torrey Pines Club and Asst. Governor for Miramar and Camp Pendleton clubs, encouraged all Rotarians to attend next year’s Rotary International Convention in Toronto, Canada.  Why go?  To learn of global events and meet new people.