Program - Behavioral Style Assessment

The main program was presented by Robert Bowen from Focal Point Coaching Excellence.   Robert's discussion was about  different Behavioral Styles and how they affect interactions with others, particularly in a business environment. 

Robert's system of Behavioral Styles is based on a quadrant of behaviors and personality traits that position people into four different behavioral styles:

  1. Dominance
  2. Influence
  3. Steadiness
  4. Compliance

The purpose of these types of classifications is to both understand yourself,  how you interact with others, and the recognition that others do not view situations the same way you might. 

Another concept stressed by Robert was that only a small part messages people project with verbal communication is conveyed with the word content.  The rest of the message is communicated with visual and emotional cues. 


With the companies stressing how important a "Fit" with the job employees hold, is revealing what emotional and personality type you are carry the possibility that it will label you as someone the employer doesn't want to keep?     

Answer:  Robert said that is a good point.  He has not heard that concern before.