Program - Why Wearing Your Rotary Pin Matters

Rob Weinberg is a long time marketing advisor, writing a column for a local paper, and working with PETS for 5 years ( President Elect Training Session) as well. He talked about Logos, and what they stand for. Well, your Rotary Pin is a Logo, and needs to be worn daily. It might just lead to a conversation and, eventually a new member. Rob asked the members if they talked about the good work that our Club does and supports, and, suggested, that we didn’t talk enough. He also took a poll on how many members were wearing their Rotary Pins today, and the ones who weren’t, were fined $2.00.

He talked about ‘What’s your Rotary story?’ and told of an example of Mark Miller’s fire story. We need to talk about what our Club does and your Rotary Pin gives you the opportunity to talk with people. What’s the typical excuse to not join Rotary? Can’t afford, no time, no interest. Rotary is ‘competing for time’, but, it’s time well spent. The Club needs a lot of people to fill the pipeline. What’s the one tool so everyone knows what’s happening? Your Website. Is it current? How about a Blog, FaceBook, Google + etc. You need to relate to the younger people too. Publicize your events, Get your Sponsors from Coeur to join the Club ( Corporations, Community Outreach). You must market heavily with articles, ads, banners, billboards, more publicity, more events, people give more money when asked. Social Media is critical – use it. Show commitment – what you use (Rotary Logo items) and wear. Your Rotary Pin is The Secret to Success – your ‘Good Housekeeping Seal’.

Parting thoughts: Get out there constantly. Build alliances, grow the membership. Rotary International has rebranded to:# People of Action. Don’t ask for sponsors, tell the stories and they will be inspired. This year’s Coeur honorees are Mike and Cindy Peters. Talk about it. You do numerous events for San Pasqual Academy all year, sponsor the Halloween Window Painting Contest – put brochures out, be a sponsor, get donations. And, there is a Networking component to Rotary too. Get talking, share.