Program: Accretive of San Diego

Mark Neilson is the Founder of Accretive of Indiana and Accretive of San Diego, which were each formed in October 2010 to provide an “out of the box” approach to cost and expense reduction efforts for organizations seeking “better practices”.  He is a self-proclaimed “recovering CFO” and his team consists of other recovering C-level execs. Accretive “Resultants” perform complementary assessments for organizations to find money and help improve their bottom line. They call themselves “Resultants” because if we don’t find money for their clients, they don’t get paid. They identify a few areas to target look areas to reduce expenses (not jobs or compensation). Accretive helps CFOs with tasks that they no longer have time to do.

A no-risk cost savings assessment by Accretive can quickly identify savings opportunities beyond the “low hanging fruit” cost savings that most organizations have probably “picked” themselves. The harder savings are in areas that are COMMONLY missed that even the best finance departments and procurement teams especially in non-core operating expenses where companies often do not have the internal resources to devote to ongoing management of such expenses. Accretive will conduct an initial assessment with you and your management team to identify 3-5 quick savings opportunities that involve the least amount of time, effort and disruption to achieve. We then become an extension of your current finance & accounting group to assess, facilitate and help implement whatever actions are required to quickly realize savings often involving your current service providers and suppliers.

Accretive does not serve as the expert in all of these areas. Rather, Accretive facilitates an unbiased, buy-side assessment of potential savings using Subject Matter Experts from the local market to identify “better practices” for savings. You cannot save your way to prosperity. However, having a forward-thinking, efficient operation may allow you to pursue sales opportunities you could not profit from in the past. $250,000 in new savings for a company with a 5% pre-tax profit margin is like adding $5 million in new revenues! The same $250,000 in savings increases the enterprise value of a company (with a “5” valuation multiple) by $1.25 million. Almost ALL organizations have savings opportunities that far exceed what they suspected because we look at more than the cost of what the organization is currently doing, but also the options & alternatives management may not be aware of to do something different not just pay less for the same goods and services.

Accretive believes our responsibility is to give back to our local and worldwide community through organizations that serve the underserved and less fortunate in and around San Diego and beyond. As part of their charitable giving program, they reduce their fees to for-profit businesses by 5% of the gross savings they find and require the business to match 5% (or more) of those savings.  Result is at least 10% of their savings go directly to their chosen nonprofit(s) for at least one year or beyond if the for-profit company wishes to do so.  5% of Accretive revenues are paid to the non-profit(s) of their choosing unless the for-profit business lead came from a non-profit entity.  In those cases, that non-profit receives this additional 5% share over 12 months as they collect their revenue.