Global Grant 1413376 Results Summary

A Summary of the 13 page Final Report for Global Grant 1413376 --- co-sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Del Mar and Delhi South Metropolitan

Multiple members, led by a 6-member team from the Delhi So. Metropolitan (RCDSM) undertook this project, first visiting each of the 10 sites chosen to receive a toilet block. The RCDSM Club President, an architect, drew the plans for each site and oversaw all aspects of the work; construction contracts were signed and work began in June 2014.

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Each Toilet Block consists of 6 cubicles, complete with toilet seats and water facilities – and tactile learning materials for disabled students. Tile surrounds provide for ease of cleaning. Work was overseen by the RCDSM team and via reports from the principal of each school. The team trained three teachers from each school in hand washing and hygiene, especially for the girl child, with the help of personnel from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Basic Education as well as health workers associated with the schools. RCDSM Rotarians gave talks to the students on hygiene, the Club printed 5000 hand washing posters for the schools, members met with teachers and parents giving talks on hygiene requirements especially for the girl students, and also met with village heads and members of the communities regarding maintenance of the toilet blocks.

Inauguration of each of the toilet blocks was done by dignitaries and attended by District Magistrates, Chief medical officers, District Education Officers, District Development Officers, members of the Legislative Assembly as well as their District Governor ... Leading news papers and TV stations carried reports and on one occasion, the inauguration coincided with the Prime Minister of India launching the “Clean India Campaign” designed to put a latrine in every home.

RCDSM will continue oversight of the toilet blocks and training programs and provide reports for the next 5 years. At this point, direct observation has shown that 4200 people are benefiting from this Grant and now have access to improved sanitations facilities, and 3000 individuals have been trained.

The work was completed within one year and within budget with the India Bank Account certified by TRF Southeast Asia Office prior to being sent to TRF Evanston for final approval and acceptance. The Final Report was sign by Club Presidents June 22, 2015 and officially closed by TRF in August 2015.