“We should not live for ourselves alone, but for the joy indoing good for others.”
- Arch Klumph, Founder of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International

In the Rotary year 2016-17, our Rotary Foundation turns 100.  That’s a century of Rotarians changing lives and improving communities all over the world.  That’s worth celebrating!  Through The Rotary Foundation, Rotarians have supported thousands of projects that provide clean water and sanitation, fight disease, promote peace, provide education, support families, and grow local economies. 

To mark the centennial, Rotarians all over the globe are asked to ‘tell their stories’ and share their experiences with each other, and with others in their communities, by posting photos and brief descriptions of 100 ‘acts of good’. 

The Rotary Club of Escondido is participating in the celebration of the centennial of The Rotary Foundation in several ways:

  1. By listing our #100actsofgood  on our club website and on Facebook, using social media, and sharing these experiences with each other at our weekly meetings up on the big screen.
  2. We are putting more attention on The Rotary Foundation this year, educating our newest members about it, encouraging giving to the Annual Programs Fund of the Rotary Foundation by all members.
  3. We will have an update this month on the Global Initiative for Polio Eradication, Rotary’s signature international effort for the past 25 years, highlighting we are ‘this close’, but there is still work to do.
  4. We will have a program dedicated to The Rotary Foundation on November 15th, with Immediate Past District Governor and District Rotary Foundation Chair Dr. Janice Kurth as our speaker, honoring new Paul Harris Fellows.
  5. We are in the planning stages of a multi-club event on January 31st to celebrate The Rotary Foundation’s centennial, that will include Trustee Paul Netzel as a keynote speaker on the history of The Rotary Foundation.

How can you be involved?  In several ways.  ( Glad you asked. )

1. Report your ‘acts of good’.  These can be donations of goods or services, things you do for your family, your church, your child’s school, your community, your professional organizations, our Rotary club.

2. Donate to The Rotary Foundation.  Gifts to the Annual Program Fund are spent annually on the programs and projects around the world, and through District Grants, on projects that benefit our local community.  Gifts to the Permanent Fund, are endowment funds that are the legacy of yourself and your family, and ensure the good works of The Rotary Foundation in the future.  See Mary Geerdes or Christine Montan for any questions or assistance.  Every Rotarian-Every Year is a real campaign.

3.  Offer to participate in the events planned for November and January.  More hands and hearts lighten the work load, and make for a more enjoyable event.

As a new member, I am heartened by the recent support for The Rotary Foundation and for the victims of the flooding in Louisiana, by our members and by our club leadership, and I sincerely thank you for your generosity.  Needs are great all over the world, and this year, I hope we continue that spirit throughout the year in support of OUR Rotary Foundation.

Christine Montan, Communications Committee, Social Media

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