Past Presidents' Debate

On the 18th, we had a mock debate with some of the past presidents as the debate participants: Jack Raymond, Fred Baronowski, Mary Geerdes, and Dick Daniels.

Some of the best comments and question responses were:

The question was: How do i make Rotary Great Again?

  • Jack Raymond said you need to have 28 sponsors to get into the club

Why was your year as president the best year for the Escondido Rotary Club?

  • Dick Daniels said he was the only president to have a convicted felon as a program speaker. 
  • Mary Geerdres said she had grants over $80,000 and a membership count of 238.  So top that.  
  • Fred Baronowski said he recruited 238 new members and raised $3.4 million.  "Wrong"!
  • Jack Raymond said he introduced the "Howdy Song".
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