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Program - ALiCE Active Intruder Training

Bret Bandick has a unique, multi-disciplinary background spanning over 25 years in corporate security, law enforcement, fire service, and public safety. He is currently the District Security Manager for Palomar Health; prior to this, Bret worked for the UCSD Health System as a Security Training Manager. He served 15 years with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. As a Sheriff’s Sergeant, he worked in several of the counties maximum security detentions facilities and was active in emergency preparedness and response. Additionally, he spent time as the Detentions Training Unit Director running the Detention and Court Services academies and the In-Service training program for the Detentions Bureau.

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Make A Difference, Plant A Tree November 18

The combined Rotary clubs of Escondido are gathering on th 18th of November to plant trees in the city. This is an important project for our members to be involved in, so please plan to join us. RI President-Elect Ian Risely has challenged every Rotary club to make a difference by planting a tree for each of its members between the start of the Rotary year on 1 July and Earth Day on 22 April 2018. Trees remove carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the air, which slows global warming.

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Program - Outsource CFO Services

ANDY FICHTHORN has a background in public accounting, having worked for Price Waterhouse, before joining Anheuser-Busch as a strategic planning executive.  He then moved to Sea World, the theme park subsidiary, and became President of Sea World in San Diego.  After his retirement, Andy has been involved with Chairmen’s Round Table, where he is currently Vice Chair for Client Acquisition.  Andy is also involved with several non-profit boards, and is a Rotarian with Club 33 Downtown San Diego. CHAIRMEN’S ROUNDTABLE is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization, founded some 20 years ago. 

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Program - Past Presidents

The presentations by the past presidents was kicked off with a song written by Nick Tsoulos containing a long and creative lyrical content. Some of the past presidents gave a talk about their time and recollections as a Rotary President:

Jack Raymond spoke about Burnet Wohlford's perfect attendance even during his out of state honeymoon trip. 

Sandy Rimer talked about being the first woman president of the Escondido Club and how she gained respect during her time holding the office. 

Keith Richenbacher's talk highlighted the future of Rotary and how to think differently to promote the Rotary Club to others.  Rotary membership has been stagnant in the last five years, both the Escondido Club and at the national level. Keith used the old  Apple Computer advertising slogan of "Think Different" in promoting the future of Rotary.

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We Are Kit Carson Park

The Great Waldo Pizzeppi flew Drone Mission VIII to Kit Carson Park recently.  By doing so, he captured more outstanding aerial footage of this park’s natural habitat. There’s no doubt very few people have ever viewed Kit Carson Park from this perspective, but once they have, it should be understandable why the “We Are Kit Carson Park" Facebook group continues to try and protect this magnificent park. You will notice the recently ‘named’ Rotary Way, and the Rotary Monument at the end. This is there THE Walking Rotarians walk every morning.

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