Escondido's Got Talent Auditions 2018


2nd Annual Escondido's Got Talent Show!
August 27th, 5 pm
FREE Event at the Kit Carson Park Amphitheater!

Singer, Dancer, Magician, Juggler, we’re looking for those who would love to share their talents with us!

Auditions start at 10 am - 1 pm on August 11, 2018

Register HERE

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Program: Evolution and the Human Brain


Fred Brown, a graduate of University of Illinois with a first degree in electrical engineering, has written over 100 technical articles and believes firmly in lifelong learning.

His topic was Evolution and the Human Brain.  Starting with a very clear definition and explanation of evolution as gradual and progressive change, he explained that it is an established scientific fact and a fundamental part of creation.  The controversy lies in which theory best explains specific aspects of evolution.  Starting in 1859 with the publication of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species, Evolution is based on four elements: Heredity, Variation, Excess Replication, and Natural Selection.  Darwin’s great contribution was the idea of the Survival of the Fittest. 

Read more: Program: Evolution and the Human Brain

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Community Service Grant: Interfaith


Community Service Grant:  Joe Giamanco presented a grant to Bob Adams of Interfaith (Haven House) and Kelly Cloud our Rotarian who organizes our meal preparation and serving dinner to the homeless participants at Haven House.  Haven House is open and serves dinner every night of the year, currently serving 49 men and women participants.  Kelly Cloud encouraged everyone to volunteer, stressing that it brings real joy to serve, and announced we had signed up for another 6 months of 2 meals a month.

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Grant Presentation To BSA Troop 649


Chuck Aeling presented a $500 check to our Cub Scouts Pack, and a $1500 check to Boy Scouts Troop 649, which Escondido Rotary has sponsored since 1937.  Pat Archer accepted the grant and explained that the funds would be used to send boys to summer camp who could not otherwise afford to go.

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50+ Years Of Service


We recognized four Escondido Rotarians with more than 50 years of membership in Rotary:  Kim Fleming with 53 years; Bill (Pizza Bill) Smith with 50 years; Jack Raymond with 57 years; and Tig Wohlford with 61 years.

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