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Program: San Diego County Water Supply & Management

Program Chair Roy Henderson introduced our Speaker Nathan Faber from the San Diego County Water Authority, where he is the Operations and Maintenance Manager for Regional Water Infrastructure and Rehabilitation.  Nathan Faber has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of California Santa Barbara, and a Masters in Civil Engineering from Cal State Long Beach.

Nathan Faber gave us a highly engaging presentation using a Google Earth interactive slide show and his Power Point presentation. Putting our water supplies and infrastructure in perspective, he explained that 80% of our water is imported from outside the County, with 60% coming from the Colorado River Aqueduct, another 20% from the State Water Project (Northern California) and the remaining 20% being local in source.

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International Service Update

Johnny Watson announced the sign-ups for the Thousand Smiles project in Ensenada, Mexico, for August 4-5, 2017. To register for the next 1000 Smiles clinic on August 4-5, the applicant should go to the web site to establish a password and full information about the project.  In addition I will meet with anyone interested in attending the clinic or for other information about the project.  

He also announced the Ecuador Micro-Credit project raised a total of $50,000, including Rotary International and District 5340 matching funds.  This sort of project is what makes Rotary International stand out. The microcredit project Sustainable Entrepreneurship is in Manta, Ecuador and involves five Rotary clubs from Dist. 5340 and the Rotary Host club in Manta, Ecuador. Any  Rotarian can learn more about this and other Rotary International projects by going to our Dist. 5340 web site, go to Matching - Global, Rotary year 2016-2017, and find Global Grant G-1174.

New Member Induction - Kevin O'Harra

Immediate Past President Royce Moore inducted our newest member Kevin O’Harra.  Kevin is a Real Estate Appraiser and was sponsored by Rob Granger.  A graduate of University of California San Diego, he majored in Quantitative Economics and Decision Science.  He obtained a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology.  His career includes restaurant and nightclub management, psychotherapy practice, and Residential Appraising.  He lives in Escondido with his wife Krista.  PP Royce welcomed him to the Club for leadership, fellowship and service.

Happy July Birthday's

Vatei Campbell introduced the July Birthdays, and led us in singing Happy Birthday to the following Rotarians:

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Member Moment, July 11

We paused to remember Alan Chamberlain who was Club President for 1970-71.  Guest Scott Peterson recounted Alan’s life story and his own relationship with Alan from a young high school tennis player, through many decades.  Alan was responsible for construction of homes and commercial properties in Escondido, before his semi-retirement and move to Colorado.  The family of six children excelled in academics and athletics, with five being named as Valedictorian.

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