Roy Henderson introduced our Program Speaker Wanda Allen.  Wanda is a speaker, coach, author of two books and business owner.  She offers intensive training in business development, client relationships, and customer service. Wanda Allen’s theme was the importance of, and the what, how and why of “following-up” on business leads.  She stressed that is all about relationships, and relationship building.  Most important is having a “system” of maintaining relationships and following-up.

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Dave Alemian is a leading retirement expert and recognized authority whose expertise is shared via video columns, numerous journals and talk-radio. Formerly the host of “It’s About Money” Radio Show, Alemian has also produced and is featured in over 200 financial education videos. Mr. Alemian hails from the east coast, relocating to San Diego in the early 2000s. He lives with his wife and two pug dogs in a suburb on the beach in North San Diego – enjoying beach bootcamp, boating and spending time with his family.

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A gifted cellist, Daniel Grab, was accompanied by Myrna North on piano and joined by Vaughn North for one of the selections. We all enjoyed hearing the compositions of Schubert, JS Bach’s ‘Ave Maria”, Camille Saint-Saens, ‘The Swan’, and the ‘Carnival of Animals’ among others. It was truly a beautiful program enjoyed by all.

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Teen Challenge offers substance abuse recovery programs for Teens & Adult men.  The program was started in 1958 in response to teenage gang members being tried for murder in New York City.  The Southern California Chapter was founded in 1963.  Presently there are over 400 Centers in the US, with 1200 Centers across 19 countries. The speakers addressed the problem of the epidemic of drug addiction in our culture in the USA.  It is the Number 1 cause of death among those who are under 50 years of age.  There is a very high death rate among those addicted to opioids.  It is an epidemic, as recognized by President Trump’s issuing a State of Emergency Declaration.

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San Diego County Chief Medical Officer Dr. Nick Yphantides is an advocate for those in his community who need it the most. He currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer for San Diego County and its 3.2 million residents (1% of America's population). He is the Founding Co-Chair of San Diego's Childhood Obesity Initiative, was the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of one the largest network of Community Clinics in San Diego County, the CMO of the Council of Community Clinics and was the publicly elected Chairman of the Board for Palomar Health, the largest Public Hospital District in California. His passion and mission is to Prevent  the  Preventable!

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