The theme of the presentation was the effect of sleep deprivation.  Since the late 1980's the average amount of sleep per night by Americans has dropped. Sleep deprivation has both physical and mental consequences.  During sleep there is a cleansing action to drain toxins from the body.  Mentally, during sleep is when short term memories are consolidated into long term memories. Sleep also has a restorative effect on the immune system. Sleep deprived individuals are more prone to getting sick when exposed.

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The Four-Way-Test Speech Contest encourages high school students to prepare and give speeches that apply the Four-Way Test to everyday activities and issues. Students are judged based on professional appearance, content of topic, timing of delivery, eye contact, clarity of speech, voice inflection and other parameters.  Winners of each local Rotary Club will compete at Sub-Regional events and the top candidates will compete at a District Level and beyond.  Beyond awarding educational scholarships the purpose of the Four-Way-Test is to help young leaders gain professional speaking experience. Mark Umek is the Chair of the 4-Way Speech Contest, and he introduced the five judges for the competition:

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Mark Neilson is the Founder of Accretive of Indiana and Accretive of San Diego, which were each formed in October 2010 to provide an “out of the box” approach to cost and expense reduction efforts for organizations seeking “better practices”.  He is a self-proclaimed “recovering CFO” and his team consists of other recovering C-level execs. Accretive “Resultants” perform complementary assessments for organizations to find money and help improve their bottom line. They call themselves “Resultants” because if we don’t find money for their clients, they don’t get paid. They identify a few areas to target look areas to reduce expenses (not jobs or compensation). Accretive helps CFOs with tasks that they no longer have time to do.

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The main program was delivered by Dr. Walter Dembitsky, a cardiologist with a specialty in artificial heart technology. Dr. Dembitsky's presentation centered on artificial heart devices that assist the left ventricle with pumping blood output from the heart to the rest of the body.  These are called LVAD, Left Ventricle Assist Devices. The demand for such treatment is high.  About 10% of people over the age of 80 have heart failure. The question is whether these mechanical devices are better than a heart transplant.

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Past President II Royce Moore hosted this event, which will send a winner to the Regional Competition for District 5340.  The Judges were all musicians themselves:  Kevin Culbertson, Vaughn North and Myrna North.  Judging criteria were musical ability,  empathy and technique, interpretation and stage presence.  The Awards consisted of three prizes: $100, $75 and $50.  Unusually, we had 3 contestants comprised of 2 High School Students, as one of the students performed on two instruments. 

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