Program - WowJam


Rob Granger introduced our Speaker Stephen Tavani and his wife Linda “Peaches” Tavani.  Stephen is a graduate of Wheaton College.  Known as a songwriter and musical producer (Stephen) and singer (Linda), they make Gospel Albums together, reaching thousands all over the world with their music.  Over 25 years ago they were inspired to unite local communities, churches and businesses to reach the lost and broken, where they live and work.  Their focus of their effort is to host a party in the park, known as WOW JAM.

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Program - From Good To Great


Cornelius Simon's life and career included time in the US Navy where he learned computer systems.  He then carried that experience forward to a college degree in computer software development and a corporation career in IT. His present endeavor as a motivational speaker was driven by some inherent dissatisfaction with his life and how he will be remembered by those who knew him. Simon then left his corporation career to pursue his present practice. 

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Who Am I - Leila Sackfield


Leila Sackfield completed her incuction period by sharing her "Who Am I". Her story is centered on educating and inspirirng others, especially children.  The essence of her life is best described as Child Centered Public School Educator, with a heart for teaching, seeker, thinker,musician and Episcopalian for life! Love is the Answer.

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Rotating Meeting September 19th


We have an outstanding list of venues for our Rotating Meeting coming up on September 19th. There is something for everyone who wishes to learn about a member's business or work place. There is a lot of expertise and variety as you look at the list. So, please save the date and register for a location to enjoy Rotary on September 19th. Our goal is to set a record for rotating meeting attendance. Many thanks to our members who are serving as hosts.

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The joint presentation covered the disbursement of the millions of dollars under/through Bond Issue E, passed by the voters in November 2014. The Vision Statement of Proposition Bond E is:  "Transforming our Schools to meet critical needs and promote equity in facilities, IT infrastructure and safety throughout our District". Mr. Michael Taylor is the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, having joined the District in 2012, while Mr.Russ Decker is the Director of Planning and Design.

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