International Service

watsonThe April 2017 edition of Rotarian Magazine is filled with great information about the strides achieved in the decline of child mortality and the increase in life expectancy.  The importance of public health and increases in immunizations are major factors in this area.  Measles vaccinations have saved millions of lives and small pox has been eradicated.  Polio is next.  The week of April 24 – 30 is World Immunization Week which will help increase our awareness and impact of Rotary in this vital area.  Look for the publicity and we Rotarians around the world will see that routine immunization is as important as ever to make sure all children have a healthy future.

At the District Training Assembly March 18, I attended a session on International projects (surprise, surprise!) and was pleased to hear a presentation by Rotarian Marian Pavlovich.  She is from the Rotary E-Club of San Diego, one of several Global E-clubs.  She emigrated from Budapest in 2009, was in Interact and Rotoract clubs part of the Rotary Club of Beverly Hills, and she speaks seven languages!  She told us about the Rotary response via the E-Club of San Diego to the earthquake last April in Ecuador.  This resulted in a Global Grant G1174 for $50,500 for rebuilding schools and sustainable entrepreneurial ship.   I am proud to say the Escondido Rotary Club participated last September with a donation of $2,000 that was matched by the Rotary Foundation 1:1.  These funds are now being put to use in Ecuador.

Thank you Escondido Rotarians.  We are a great example of Rotarians Serving Humanity.

Johnny Watson, Director International Service

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