Coeur Wrap

This year the Escondido Rotary Club completed another successful Coeur de Cuisine.  Our club should be proud of its accomplishment, and the impact the funds raised will have on the community. It truly was a club event and everyone shares in the success. We tried a few new things this year and below is a recap of those innovations:

  1. Expand Coeur execution to a club vice committee event
  2. Expand the preparation phase subcommittees to institute a many hands lighten the load approach
  3. Redesign the floor layout to improve the flow of traffic
  4. Relocate the Silent Auction check to improve flow and lessen the time
  5. Standardize logos and designs for ease in marketing
  6. Create a “how-to” manual that is a living document
  7. Minimize group meetings and take a more distributed operations approach

While there is always room for improvement, the after-action feedback is that we should sustain these improvements. 

Coeur always requires a big effort. Below is our staffing effort and our costs.    While not all the numbers are in, we are very close.  Below are the latest summary statistics:

  • Staffing
    • (65) Subcommittee Volunteers at the start
    • 62 Rotarian Volunteers for event, March 5th - 6th
    • 6 Rotary Spouses or guests
    • 12 SDSU Fraternity members (Sigma Phi Epsilon) and Sorority members
    • 13 JPCU Rotaract Member
    • 12 Scouts plus 2 Scout Leaders for Sunday Morning Set Up
    • 15 Scouts plus 3 Scout Leaders for Sunday After Event Clean-Up
  • Costs
    • Expenses - $26,725
    • Income Total-$111,781
      • Silent Auction -$9,706
      • Tickets-$16,375
      • Sponsorships-$85,700
      • Club Participation (ticket or sponsor) - #108
    • Net - $85,056

Finally, on a personal note, being the chair of Coeur was not as difficult as I thought it would be.  The reason is that we have a very talented club.  And Coeur really exposes one to that talent.  It makes you appreciate how privileged we are to be in the Escondido Rotary Club. In addition, I was fortunate to have subcommittee chairs who could get the job done. I will forever be grateful to those members who made this event easy. 

I would strongly encourage members to think about being on the committee next year. It is not that hard and offers this wonderful opportunity to interact beyond Tuesday with some great members. In addition, I would also encourage some of our more experienced members to consider being the chair.  It is a wonderful experience.

Thank you all for your generosity of time, talent and treasure!!

YIRS, Paul “Mack” McNamara

Thank You The Sponsors That Make Our Mission Possible