2018 Paul Harris Fellow Awards

Rotary!  When you have eyes and boots on the ground in 200 countries, you are the go to guy for any number of issues: earthquakes, floods, and/or ebola. AND, Rotarians embrace opportunities to join together to do together that which they are not able to do alone. This Rotary year alone Escondido Rotarians and Escondido Rotary Foundation have provided $5000 for Hurricane Relief with so much more in the years past. Rotarians giving to The Rotary Foundation are recognized for each $1000 donation of cash & points.  Many are recipients because Rotarians made a gift of recognition. 

First PHF recognition to Clay MacCloud, Myrna North and Erica Schwarm..

Others have had generous donations matched with Foundation Recognition Points from Escondido Rotary Club.

PHF 1:  Paul McNamara;  PHF 2:  Irv Erdos; Jay Grossman and Vaughn North; PHF 3:  Marilyn Lynch; PHF 4:  Hank Freet and Keith Richenbacker;  and, PHF 5:  Jill Campbell.

Some of our Rotarians MAKE an annual contribution of $1000. For this they are recognized as members of Paul Harris Society :

Chris Montan, Vaughn North, Laura Stees and Tig Wolhford.

Some of our Rotarians are Major Donors which means they have contributed cash to The Rotary Foundation of $10,000 or more.

We Thank You for your example service and generosity:  Christine Montan, Tig Wohlford, Jill & Jack Campbell and Mary & Frank Geerdes.

TOGETHER, recipients of Paul Harris Fellow, today and over the years are asked to please accept our sincere thanks and congratulations for Service Above Self.

Contact Mary Geerdes if you have any questions.

Thank You The Sponsors That Make Our Mission Possible

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