Johnny Watson, Rotarian of the Year

Johnny’s work and dedication to International Services is recognized throughout the District 5340.  The “Rotarian of the Year” committee had several viable choices as we have several members who could qualify for that title.   However, the committee recognized Johnny’s work which stood out as a true champion of Rotary this year.

We Made A Difference - 2017 In Review

You, the members of The Rotary Club of Escondido, truly embodied the 2016-2017 theme of Rotary Serving Humanity. You should be proud of all you accomplished this year! The Club was charted on October 20th, 1924 and has thrived ever since.  We have given birth to several other clubs, have provided District 5340 with several District Governors, including the first female DG, Sandy Rimer, and one current ADG, Keith Richenbacher. Our annual fund raiser, Coeur de Cuisine, has earned over $1.2 million over the last 14 years, which has been injected back into the local community in support of various non-profits and community service organizations. For the last three years, the Club has earned Presidential Citation recognition at the year end District Governor Banquet.

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Thank You For Supporting Coeur

As this Rotary year winds down, I want to thank everyone once again for their support of COEUR this year. It is a time-consuming evolution, but with so many members participating, it does become manageable and remains a great event for our fundraising. And so, I would encourage the continuation of this concept. I would also remind fellow members not to be afraid to volunteer for fear of being stuck in a time-consuming responsibility.  The very good news is that this club has your back, and will come through for you. We do not let each other fail.   Additionally, the enthusiasm is sustained throughout the year, and already, the feedback from the committee has generated some good ideas for next year.  And we already have members who have signed up again. I look forward to Jan’s leadership, and our club taking it to a new level next year. Finally, I wish everyone on next year’s committee my thanks in advance for your Rotary example of “service above self.”

Vice President Paul “Mac” McNamara

Irv Erdos Wins Award, Is Fined

Kudos to Irv Erdos for his well-deserved first place award as Best Newspaper Humorist.  He was competing against newspapers with over 50,000 in circulation including the New York Times, USA Today, and Chicago Tribune.  Congratulations, Irv.  His cash prize was $300; President Royce fined him $150.

Thank You The Sponsors That Make Our Mission Possible