Coeur de Cuisine Wrap

Jan Jones wrapped up Coeur with a heart-felt thank you. The event was a huge success in terms of the fun/enjoyment factor Thank you all for the incredible effort you have given to make Coeur such a huge success. We will have final numbers on the fundraising soon.

Coeur Donor Auctions Off Two Bottles of Vodka

Mitchell Bailey of Trust Me Vodka donated two bottles at a quick auction. Each bottle went for $100. ART INSIDE THE BOTTLE. Trust Me Vodka organic and gluten free vodkas are made from local ingredients and naturally purified water from the Grand Tetons. Our Master Distiller handcrafts each batch using an age-old process. 

Coeur Volunteers Still Needed

Our club hopes you made a resolution to get registered as a Coeur de Cuisine Volunteer. Many thanks to our members who have already volunteered. Now we need more members to join this group to make our Coeur event run smoothly. Tasks will be Saturday, February 24th, Sunday, February 25th (the day of the event), and Monday, February 26th. To sign up as a volunteer, find the volunteer email and simply click on the link icon for the task(s) for which you can help. Toward the bottom of the registration email page, you will find round choice buttons. Simply click on the button, finish the registration page, and submit. You will get a confirmation email that summarizes your volunteer choice(s). If you can't find the email, login to DACdb and navigate to the club calendar.

Coeur de Cuisine Silent Auction

Dan Sundquist asked for donations for Coeur Silent Auction items.  The Donation Form can be downloaded HERE, or a copy will be attached to this week’s Centerview.  Suggestions include donating business items, or gift cards received over the Holidays, and nice quality White Elephant Gifts.  Fill out the Donation Form and bring in the items.

Laura Stees - November Rotarian Of The Month

President Rick Greenstein announced his selection for Rotarian of the Month for November.  Noting that we have holes in our leadership positions, he recognized new member Laura Stees, who committed to the vacant Youth Services Directorship. 

Thank You The Sponsors That Make Our Mission Possible

  • Rancho Guejito
  • Le Grande Gourmet
  • Dr Bronners
  • Le Sommelier
  • Grande Laundry
  • Conrad Companies
  • Palomar Health

Maitre D'

  • mission pools
  • baker electric
  • pacific western bank
  • Rick Greenstein
  • Hugins & Company
  • skay grossman
  • brecht
  • sullivan

Chef's Inner Circle

  • aelott
  • shuster oil
  • hanson realty
  • skay grossman
  • raymond foundation
  • vaughn north