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Honorees 2024

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Norma is a dedicated educator whose journey began as a preschool teacher and evolved into teaching students from kindergarten to second grade in the Chula Vista Elementary School District. Norma holds two associate's degrees, a bachelor's and a master's degree, and is certified in bilingual education and English language development. She also shared her expertise as an exchange teacher in Guadalajara, Mexico, expanding her students' horizons.

Norma's influence extended beyond teaching, as she became a master teacher, mentoring future educators, and contributed her design skills to revamp district libraries, staff rooms, and offices for optimal learning environments. After 30 years of teaching, Norma transitioned to volunteering and redesigning Boys and Girls Clubs across the county, including two in Escondido. Her generosity also touched the Ronald McDonald House, providing comfort in times of need.

Danny's impact on the youth of Escondido and San Diego spans five decades. His journey began at a Boys and Girls Club in college, where he rose from group leader to CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego, overseeing seven Escondido locations. A committed Rotarian since 1981, Danny played pivotal roles in the Carlsbad Hi-Noon and Escondido clubs while earning a master's degree and executive coaching certificate to fuel his growth.

Norma and Danny, education and community champions, exemplify the Rotarian spirit. Their efforts have empowered students and uplifted the underserved. As we honor them, we celebrate their enduring impact, a testament to dedication and service in creating a brighter tomorrow.