• Jerry Brown, FBI and Counter Terrorism

    Jerry Brown, FBI and Counter Terrorism

  • kangaroo with joey

    5-Club Meeting at Wild Animal Park

  • Thousand Smiles Donations

    Thousand Smiles Donations

  • Community Service Grants

    Community Service Grants

  • Rosies Cafe

    Rosies Cafe

  • High School Scholarships

    High School Scholarships

  • Highway Cleanup

    Highway Cleanup

    Make A Difference in the Community, Every Day

    The Escondido Rotary Club is a volunteer organization of the top business and professionals in our city who have a common vision:
    To serve our city by volunteering and providing support to other community providers, while making new friends and deepening the freindships we have.

    Club members have many opportunities for service, both locally and internationally. Service programs address such concerns as health care, hunger, poverty, illiteracy, and the environment. Rotarians experience the fulfillment that comes from giving back to the community.

    Benefits of Being a Rotarian

    Chartered 1924

    The general meeting is Noon every Tuesday at The California Center for the Arts, 340 North Escondido Boulevard (map). 

    The Rotary Club of Escondido is the service club of choice whose diverse membership of caring, compassionate, philanthropic members support the local and world community with grants and service projects. These activities are accomplished through teamwork, fellowship and fun by community and business leaders.

    Rotary Calendar