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Information for Sponsors of Prospective Rotarians

In order to keep our club vibrant and growing, it is a responsibility of every member of our club to bring in new members.

At any step in the process, feel free to call or email the Membership Director with your questions.

Here is the process for proposing a new member:

  1. The Primary Sponsor completes a Membership Proposal and forwards it to the Executive Secretary, Larry Lynch and the Board of Directors. This proposal must be signed by the member sponsor.
  2. The Membership Committee and the Board of Directors ensures that the proposal meets all of the classification and membership requirements and approves or disapproves of the proposal within 30 days. The proposer is notified through the club secretary.  Note: Until this approval process is completed, candidates should NOT be informed that they have been proposed for membership
  3. Upon approval the proposer is given a Rotary Club Personal Fact sheet to give to the prospective member for completion and return to the secretary. It is the proposer’s responsibility to follow up with their candidate to see that this form is returned in a timely manner.
  4. The prospective member is then informed at a Rotary Information meeting of the privileges and responsibilities of Rotary club membership, asked to complete the application card, pay their dues and to give written permission to publish their name and proposed classification to the club membership.
  5. The candidates name is communicated to the club. If no objections are received by the board within seven days following the publication of the candidates name, that person is considered to be elected to membership and their name is reported to Rotary International.