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Vocational Service Committee Update

This year’s Vocational Service is comprised of the following programs:

Rotating Meetings   Wounded Warriors
Escondido Shines   Principal for the Day
Rotaract   And the new Music Scholarship Competition

We started off our year with a successful rotating meeting, under the leadership of our returning chair, Claud Lubin. We visited the Escondido Historical Museum, City Hall, The Escondido YMCA, The Marine Corp Museum, San Pasqual Academy, Elizabeth Hospice and the Escondido PD. This is always a fun day and the program will return next spring.
The Wounded Warriors will always be near and dear to my heart and I am so thrilled to be a part of a club that recognizes and honors our troops. Ron Parker and the other Oceanside Senior Anglers continue to amaze me with the generosity of time and care they put into the annual Anglers 4 our Military fishing trip. This past September 13th this group set sail on their tuna fishing trip with 24 heroes representing the Marines, Army and Navy.

Vaughn North continues to amaze us with his passion and commitment to make Escondido greater through the Escondido Shines program. This year we can look forward to seasonal themes and further expansion with a steering committee and co-sponsorships with Grand Laundry, Creek Conservancy, Escondido Christian School, Mt. View Park Association and Calvin Christian School.

This year we are bringing back Principal for the Day. Our Co – Chairs Louis Ibarra and Steve Boyle are hard at work, planning this collaborative effort between our Rotary Club and the Escondido Union School District. If you ever wanted to be BMOC (big man – or woman  on campus) here is your chance!

Rotaract at John Paul the Great Catholic University is well underway. Students are back on campus, and with them, the desire to become better citizens and young Rotarians. Rob Klein is our Rotaract chair, working in partnership with our newest Rotarian, Kevin Culbertson, John Paul the Great Catholic University Professor of Business. We are excited about this new partnership taking action for positive change.

Our newest addition to Vocational Service is our Music Scholarship Competition. This competition, chaired by Ossie Arciniega, will be comprised of High School students, interested in pursuing musical careers. The first competition will be held at our club meeting in January 2017. Regionals will be held in Feb and the final competition in March. The winner will receive a $2500 scholarship.

I look forward to working with you this Rotary year!

Bonnie Maloney, Director, Vocational Service

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Meeting Location

The general meeting is Noon every Tuesday at The California Center for the Arts, 340 North Escondido Boulevard (map).